Meet Our Staff


Glen holds a degree in Broadcast Production from ASU. Glen manages and oversees the studio and production at Mesa 11. A coder at heart, Glen has programmed his way to creating original software specifically for Mesa 11.

Glen Stephens

Broadcast and Multimedia Director

Lily holds a Broadcast Journalism degree from ASU. Known as the task master, Lily is able to manage multiple shooting schedules, events and production timelines to ensure everything gets on the air.

Lily King

Sr. Content Producer

Clyde is often called the ``MacGyver`` of Mesa 11. Clyde is responsible for quick fixes to full video and audio overhauls to keep the crew on schedule.

Clyde Tappy

Video Engineer

Brittni is our creative shooter and editor. She brings a fresh new perspective to target our younger viewers and vlogs for Real Mesa.

Brittni Evans


Rihana is our math wiz. She does all of the number crunching for the City's social media pages and is a co-vlogger on Real Mesa.

Rihana Raidy

Social Media Anaylst